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Child Abandonment Confessions

All Confessions ยป Child Abandonment
Posted On: 11 May, 2015

My daughter is #heavily #overweight

My daughter is heavily overweight and athough I try to help her, she is 16 and the subject is all but taboo. She fell over during sport and because of her weight and the way she landed, she has broken her arm, dislocated her elbow, dislocted and fractured her opposite wrist. All because I was not strong enough to help her. More
Posted On: 08 Aug, 2014

abandoned my baby at airport

I am a 23 year old daughter of a middle-class couple, abandoned my baby outside a  airport and boarded a flight back with my boyfriend. I felt too bad after this..More
Posted On: 26 Jun, 2012

Child Abndonment

I am working with an NGO and was working with my team in a slum. Suddenly there was a fire in the slum and a small girl of about 4 years was stuck in the fire. Everybody was shouting and screaming but nobody was ready to go in the fire and save the girl. I being a social worker , also did not take any initiative and tried to stay behind the crowd. Finally a group of young slum boys saved the girl but i till date feel ashamed of my attitude that day. More
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Posted On: 02 Jun, 2012

Helped friend

I helped my friend to leave her kid in an orphanage because she is not married, i feel bad. More
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Posted By: Dyna(Karma : 7)
Posted On: 22 Feb, 2012

The child inside me doesn't make me happy

I am 5 months pregnant . I should be jumping with joy nad waiting every moment to have the baby in my hands, but it is not happening. I feel stressed and I have these weird thoughts of giving up on this pregnany , though this can not be done now as the time is over. I hate to look at myself in the mirror and i hate to think of me with a baby in my lap. I am not good enough to be a mother i know. More
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Posted By: Eli(Karma : 25)
Posted On: 27 Jan, 2012

I slapped my nephew

November 2009 my 5 year old nephew came with my parents for vacations. We were going back to our hometown for Diwali festivalbut we miss the train and I slapped my nephew because of his naughtiness. Vary next day I promised myself I'll never hit to any kid. This incident still haunt me.  More
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