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Confessions » Cheating »two timing......
Posted By: VIJAY(Karma : 4)
Posted On: 09 May, 2012

two timing...

I am two timing with girls. I have a steady girlfriend but still i keep flirting with other girls as well. I do go out on date with them as I see no harm in it. Though I feel no guilty about the same, sometimes i feel I should tell my girlfriend about this. Obvously she won't be happy to know this, still....

Should I tell her??

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Don : Would you be happy if your girlfriend did the same to you and told you..??
prams : you are the best judge to decide whether to tell her not. But she will surely not be happy to know this. Think whether you want to continue your habit or really want to be with her.
SHRUTI : I would suggest instead of telling her, try and stop this habit of yours. Be faithful to a girl you have chosen and stop running after others