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Posted On: 07 Jun, 2012

A tricky situation

I love a boy and we are having a serious relationship for almost 2 years. We have all the plans to get married but this guy is not yet settled career wise. few weeks back we went for a small picnic where i invited my friends and he also invited some of his cousins and his elder brother. His brother is a good looking guy and working on a high position with a renowned company. During the picnic he showed some interest in me as my boyfriend had not told me that i am his girlfriend . he only intoduced me as a friend. But the problem is that i also got attracted towards his brother , we exchanged numbers and we call each other sometimes that my boyfriend is not aware of. i like this new guy in my life and also that he is well setteld in life, is interested in me too. I am not able to understand that how should i tell this to my boyfriend. or should i carry on with my old relationship and forget about his brother.

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ASIN : don't jump to conclusions without giving a serious thought to it. Sit calmly and anaylse things and make a wise decision.
nancy : Dharitri, you really need to think what you really want in your life. Only you can truely understand whom do you really love, your present boyfriend or his brother. It does happen in our lives that some one new enters we are attracted towards him. However you cannot forget the love and loyality your boy friend has given you.
Anunay : do not cheat the guy who loves you, what is his mistake
Arch : mast hai yaar , enjoy karo phir toh