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Cheating Confessions

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Posted On: 27 May, 2015

i like another girl.

I need to fake a reason to get out of a steady relationship because i like another girl. More
Posted On: 14 May, 2015

i am a #cheated #doctor.......

i cheated in my final exam of school and my university exams and now i am a qualified doctorMore
Posted On: 13 May, 2015

I gave you #everything

I gave you everything and you threw it away. How could you do that? How could you hurt me that way? You knew how I felt about you, knew I'd be hurt. You don't care about anyone but yourself. You're a crap Dad to our son and I hope your new b*tch of a wife cheats on you and shatters your heart like you did to mine. Its nothing less than you deserve!!!!!! More
Posted On: 12 May, 2015

I have #nothing left to #give ....

I look at so many messages about someone loving or missing someone and it breaks my heart. No one misses or loves me. I wish with all the hope left in my heart that one day someone will love me before my soul dies and I have nothing left to give .... More
Posted On: 11 May, 2015


Its only been a year since we've graduated and I feel awful. I felt awful a month later.  I was severely picked on in middle school. Everyone was a prick to me. I guess I let that go on you. I never resolved my anger from those years, the worst years of my childhood. I've apologized to you, but I don't know if you forgive me even now. I am truly sorry, but...More
Posted By: Admin
Posted On: 22 Jan, 2015

The Confession - Canon EOS 600D Cinematic Short Film

This is the story of Zayed Ansari, how he became Zayed Ansari, the terrorist. We live in a fragile world, where a lot of things happen around us and we are effectively being victims of these incidents, actively or passively. Watch to know the terrifying truth behind all the well constructed news we read in our morning news paper and how we are constantly being spoon-fed with lies.