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Arrogance Confessions

All Confessions ยป Arrogance
Posted By: Max(Karma : 18)
Posted On: 15 May, 2015

Is what we have real, or is it all just wishful thinking?

are any of the words you said to me true.Did you love me? Was i the best thing that ever happened to you? Did i make you feel like no other? Is what we have real, or is it all just wishful thinking? More
Posted On: 08 May, 2015

I feel like sh*t.

  I feel like sh*t. My friends are never there for me. Any of them. One of them is a lazy careless b*tch who can’t get a REAL boyfriend, so she makes fake ones. And another is a b*tch who is so boy-crazy that she’ll ditch her real friends to hang out with a douche that is just using her as a rebound. My other friends are just plain ghetto. They’re sitting there dating each other and breaking up the next hour. I&rsq...More
Posted On: 04 Mar, 2014


sometimes I just think my friends are unintelligent and I could do better. More
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Posted On: 25 Feb, 2013

Arrogant in nature

My wife is arrogant in nature. She fights all the time and due to this I am always depressed. Finally one fine day, we had heated argument and I raised my hand on her. She left the house and for this incident, I am feeling very repentant.  More
Posted On: 21 Feb, 2013


I was so arrogant person but i controlled my anger. but recalling those days still feel bad. More
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Posted On: 20 Feb, 2013


My GF is so arrogant and we fight with each other a lot but later she feels guilty of this, so do I.  More
Posted On: 19 Feb, 2013


My wife is very arrogant because of her i had to shift to other place to bring peace between my parents and her , but i feel guilty leaving behind my parents alone. More
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