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Animal Abuse Confessions

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Posted By: Kim(Karma : 63)
Posted On: 06 May, 2015

Doctor accused of animal cruelty kills himself

A South Florida doctor killed himself Thursday, two days after police say he killed a beagle outside his home, clubbing the dog with a hammer and stabbing it with a screwdriver. Dr. Isaias Lerner Biber, 65, who had an apparently self-inflicted gunshot wound, was found dead inside his Bay Harbor Islands home by a family member about 5:30 p.m., according to Miami-Dade County police. Officers are investigating his death as a suicide. Lerner Biber's death startled and...More
Posted On: 19 Jan, 2015

I took the kittens and dropped them off

When I was in highschool a boyfriend's cat had kittens and his mom didnot want to keep the kittens so, with my boyfirend's brother, I took the kittens and dropped them off at a house out in the country, but got down the road and turned around and went back and picked them up. I knew we were doing something wrong even though his family said people do it all the time. The kittens ended up on a farm as barn cats. I have never forgot that terrible attempt at dropping them off and today...More
Posted On: 19 Jan, 2015

I wish I would of NEVER sold him

I had 3 dogs and my husband has 2....well we got a fine for so many animals so my husband pushed me to get rid of one the dogs....the lady that grooms my dog wanted Cedric but I sold him to another family since I wanted some money for him and I felt the dog groomer had too many dogs...well the family I sold him to lost him and I feel sooooo bad....I wish I would of NEVER sold him....I feel so worried since he was a timid dog....It breaks my heart to think he was unhappy at his new home...I...More
Posted On: 16 Jul, 2013

our cat died in a dryer

I dont remeber how the cat got in to the dryer. i do know that i kept hearing a very loud bump as the dryer turned and i ran in the house thinking that someone was just drying the clothes, i wish i had just ran to turn off the dryer, i hate myself for this happening. More
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Posted On: 11 Feb, 2013

Animal abuse

When i was a child, in the game bymistakenly one kitten got killed by my friends and me mischeivousness. More
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Posted On: 07 Feb, 2013


I beat one street dog so badly that on the spot it died and i couldnt do anything, later i felt bad More
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Posted On: 06 Feb, 2013

i hit one animal

wen i was a child, once i had beat one dog so badly that it started bleeding and ran away from there as i was so afraid of doing this shameful deed.  More
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