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Animal Abuse Confessions

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Posted On: 16 Jul, 2013

our cat died in a dryer

I dont remeber how the cat got in to the dryer. i do know that i kept hearing a very loud bump as the dryer turned and i ran in the house thinking that someone was just drying the clothes, i wish i had just ran to turn off the dryer, i hate myself for this happening.

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Posted On: 11 Feb, 2013

Animal abuse

When i was a child, in the game bymistakenly one kitten got killed by my friends and me mischeivousness.

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Posted On: 07 Feb, 2013


I beat one street dog so badly that on the spot it died and i couldnt do anything, later i felt bad

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Posted On: 06 Feb, 2013

i hit one animal

wen i was a child, once i had beat one dog so badly that it started bleeding and ran away from there as i was so afraid of doing this shameful deed. 

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Posted On: 18 Jul, 2012

Dog Peeing on bike

Today i trashed a dog left n he was peeing on that point of time i dint feel any nw im feeling guilty......................

Posted On: 13 Jul, 2012

miss d dog

I hated my neighbour's pet and planed to kill it. I hated it as it used to bark a lot during day and even at night.

However yesterday evening the dog was crushed to death under a bus which came suddenly and the poor animal was not able to save itself.

Now I feel terrible and even miss its bark.......

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Posted By: Praj(Karma : 7)
Posted On: 24 Jun, 2012

poor cow

I had gone to my native place for Diwali vacation. One after we all cousins were playing together, suddenly I saw a bag full of cracker. I jst removed few of them and with the help of a candle blew them off. Than I realised I was bursting the crackers nearby to a cowshed and the cows were getting scared of the noise.

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Posted By: Apps(Karma : 4)
Posted On: 21 Jun, 2012

hatred for cats

I dont like cats. One of my friend had 7 cats at her place. She once called me for studying together as we wanted to do a project together. When she went to bring a cold drink for me, one small cat tried to come near me. I kicked that cat very badly. I feel really bad about it now.

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Posted By: Aqqi(Karma : -3)
Posted On: 31 May, 2012

hit the bloody dog

i love this site yaar , i can just write whatever i feel bad about ok let me tell you i just kicked a dog on the road because he was pissing on my car, i kicked too hard and it fell off the road it was also crying badly , i did bad but get so angry at that time.i love my car

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Posted By: Dhruv(Karma : 8)
Posted On: 21 May, 2012

Eating was important

I am an adventure man and travel to far places , in jungles too. I was on this expedetion when i lost my way back to my camp and had to survive without aminities in the jungle for two days. in the night i caught hold of a rabbit , cut him and cooked on fire and ate him. it was a crime but i had to eat to live.

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