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Posted By: Pete(Karma : 4)
Posted On: 20 Jun, 2012

Office girl

There was a girl in my office she was very beautiful and I really liked her. She had a boyfriend but I always felt an attraction for her. Her boyfriend did not like her friendship with me. And one day she just said that we cant be friends anymore. I felt very angry on her BF and felt like breaking his teeth. But I controlled my anger and just moved on with my life.

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Don : It was natural human behavior that you did. It takes a little more to behave sensibly which most of us realize later.
Don : You did good.
Don : You did good.
Rhea : I really like your spirit and the way you controlled yourself from hitting that loser BF of hers.
sunny : I really respect my GF and give her space. I give her freedom to take her decision. I think her BF was an egoist.
Tiana : You did the best thing by moving in your life, that is not worth to be a friend.
diyali : shame on her BF to be so possessive. I really hate such people who do not let their partners live their own life.