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Confessions » Anger »I was angry with my father...
Posted By: Rony(Karma : 50)
Posted On: 23 Feb, 2012

I was angry with my father

When i was in school there was my friend who always where nice clothing and i feel that why i should not wear such kind of dress i always give ataunt to my father but oneday my mother told me that your father work very hard to earn the livelihood and then i don't understand such thinks .I never talk with my father .But now i realise that my father really work hard for my studies now i am an well settled and i always appreciate my father and now he is my roll model .So these think was in my mind and i want to confess. 

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tweety : its good dat u hv realized it.. its k dear it hapns in younger ages.. nw gv him lots nd lots of luv nd care... nd mke him fullfil all his dreams which he once sacrifised fr u...
lovely : Nice confession dude
muthuswami : It happens yaar in childhood. you just say sorry to your father.
sujaina : Hey rony you should not behave such things to your father he will be so insulted after hearing such kinds of situtation .But you should say sorry to your father and you should be ashamed for that.
tom : Never hurt any one's feeling especially your mom and dad.
sujaina : Nice say tom but you also should mean that not hurting any women's feeling.