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Confessions » Anger »could have saved the lady........
Posted By: nancy(Karma : 7)
Posted On: 27 Mar, 2012

could have saved the lady.....

saw this man, drunk and beating his wife badly on the side of the road.

as a mute spectator, I also just watched and passed by.....

felt terrible as being a sensible human being, at least some thing should have been done. Atleast I could have done some thing to save the lady........

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Muthu : stupid man. I being a man , hate such men. They should be thrown out of society.
Randy : dear jaya, seeing a woman being beaten on road is nobody's personal matter. for whatever reasons it was , it was immoral and it is everybody's responsibility to make it stop. if i were there i would have put my best effort to do what i can.
jaya : u cud have called the police, I think that is most suitable thing to do, in such a situation.
prams : but one cannot interfere in other's personal matters.