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Confessions » Addiction »Not able to concentrate on anything....
Posted By: Ziggy(Karma : 6)
Posted On: 17 Jan, 2012

Not able to concentrate on anything.

I started it just for fun but, then I quickly became addicted.  More I take drugs, my addiction level increases.  I was not in control. The drugs controlled me. When I saw it in front of me, face to face, I couldn't stop myself. Now-a-days I sleep all day in the classroom.  If I go around thinking that I will stop it, I can't be able to do it.  I am rally looking for a way out.

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Dashy : Dear Ziggy, if its drugs you are addicted to then there is no other option but to quickly enrol yourself in a rehab. Atleast now you know that you dont want to be a drug addict which is a big move forward. I suggest you find the nearest drug rehab in your city and consult them with your problem
Last modified : 15 Jan, 2012