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Confessions » Addiction »i have adopted a very bad habit...
Posted On: 27 Jan, 2012

i have adopted a very bad habit

i have spend fifty percent of my life in hostel. from there i have adopted a very bad habit of consuming pain relieving balm. i have tried enough to quit the habit but can't resist myself from consuming it. now-a-days the condition is so bad that i buy three balms on regular basis. i sleep most of the time.feeling numb and weak mentally and physically.

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Marmaid : Please see a doctor at the earliest.
sujaina : Hey that's a bad habbit be addicted of changing a boyfriend regulary.That's is enjoying moment.
Rony : Hey bella it's really a bad habit please consult a doctor it can be harmful in future in your pregnancy.I wish good luck to your health and life.
Elaina : Please try to quit the habit. It is not tough if you put your mind to it. If people can quit addictions as grave as drugs, whats a balm? I know few of my friends who got addicted and are clean now so you can do it too.
JDN : you are weird girl..u need a psychiatric treatment....i have never seen such addiction....
Jcob : friend go to a rehabilitation center ... they can help you the most...join meditation me it helps a lot to strengthen your will power...don't take tensions..thing will fall in to place a little bit interest in life.