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Posted On: 13 May, 2015

I am so fed up with my life....

  i am so fed up with my life. fed up with the fact that everyone thinks i have the best life on this planet, while i haven't slept with anyone for 8 months now, i can't find a job and because of this i have to get stuck in an emotionally abusive relationship to be able to survive, which kills my heart and soul. i could throw up on myself what a pretentious ***** i am and how deeply i do struggle.More
Posted By: Sophy(Karma : 6)
Posted On: 30 Jan, 2014


It's funny I work full time while my son sleeps. I'm there during the waking hours awake myself. I'm proud to provide for my family in every way possible. More
Posted On: 25 Feb, 2013

I am workaholic

I am workaholic that i couldnt give much time to my parents which still regret of it. As now I stay far away from them. I miss those times which I spent them few years back. More
Posted On: 12 Feb, 2013


I love to travel a lot but i have become so much workholic that i coudlnt enjoy hobby of travelling , i feel abt it. More
Posted On: 08 Feb, 2013


Because of my habit of workaholic,my wife was irritated with me. and she left me and now its been 2 yrs iam staying alone that i feel bad about it. More