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Posted On: 30 Nov, 2015

He abused me for years

I've been keeping this inside for years, but I need to tell someone before I explode. From the time I was 5 until I was 10 my dad's best friend sexually abused me. I know I'm supposed to hate,him, but I don't. He never physically did anything violent to me. There were times I even sought him sick is that? It started with typical grooming behavior, and progressed to him fondling my vagina one night when,my parents were gone. I remember, I was confused but it still fe...More
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Posted By: Mary(Karma : 22)
Posted On: 31 Jul, 2015

i could throw up on myself what a pretentious ***** i am and how deeply i do struggle.

I am so fed up with my life. Fed up with the fact that everyone thinks I have the best life on this planet, while I haven't slept with anyone for 8 months now, I can't find a job and because of this i have to get stuck in an emotionally abusive relationship to be able to survive, which kills my heart and soul. I could throw up on ...More
Posted By: Gary(Karma : 31)
Posted On: 24 Jul, 2015

Once there was a murder next door to my house.

Once there was a murder next door to my house, and before the police got there i decided to have a look. Upon finding the body i also noticed he was naked, I touched him in the genital area and became aroused, is this normal?More
Posted By: Nimo(Karma : 37)
Posted On: 24 Jul, 2015

. I thought marriage would be different.

I'm restless and anxious. I am sexually bored and frustrated. I want a lover who will intrigue me, not go through the motions. So now I'm looking online again. A silent hunter- a shameless skank. I thought marriage would be different. More
Posted On: 22 Jul, 2015

... Do people really change?

I have a wonderful boyfriend. We have been together 3 years and have lived together 2 of those years.  ...More
Posted On: 15 Jul, 2015

My grandfather would beat my nanna.

My grandfather would beat my nanna, cheat on her and leave her for months without coming home. He never cared for his kids. The scary thing is, is that my father is his son. He doesn't care for me and my brothers, he leaves weeks on end.... and now i know the reason for my parents divorce. More
Posted On: 15 Jul, 2015

I #lied to my #bestfriend

I lied to my best friend for 3 years about being clean from meth. I have been clean for the past 2 years but I can't tell her without confessing to lying to her for the first 3 years. More