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Anonymous Confessions Online

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We all have secrets and some way or the other they weigh us down at times. We need an outlet to make that confession that will lead us to our absolution. Most of the times we are too embarrassed to speak about our wrong-doings on an open forum in the fear of shame and embarrassment it will bring. provides with a platform to make anonymous confessions without revealing true identity and finding a way to unburden the heart.

Online anonymous confessions are effective means of confessing your sin and to cleanse your soul of all the unrighteousness. makes it possible to have that anonymity intact while you pour your heart out and look forward to a brighter life. These are just like the one way conversation that you need to have with someone who can lend an ear to you without being judgemental or ridicule you some way or the other. This virtual confession box makes deliverance easy and free flowing because of its very unique feature that it allows confessions to be made, if the user is not willing to make the posts open for public.

Anonymous Secret Confessions are also the Way to Absolution

Anonymous confessions enable us to speak our heart out without any hesitation and find that relief of un-weighing, especially when this happens amidst a virtual community of strangers. Logging in just to talk as we would talk to a friend or a well-wisher, thus these confessions are huge success at It provides the user that comfort zone of a one to one talk without revealing their identity to any person whatsoever.

Hence, is a place where anonymity is the promise and the contentment that use to be the outcome of talking to a priest, counsellor or a friend is obtained without the fear of being identified, because these confessions revolve only through a virtual community of strangers.

Also, If the user chooses to make this as an anonymous secret confession, then it becomes a closed confession where one can unburden the heart without making it open to anyone and can use this opportunity to absolve.